More of the King Tour

Hey there!

I have recently finished my re-read of The Shining. It took me 2 full weeks to get through it; re-reads are just so tough for me! Even though it was roughly 5 years and many other books ago, I just couldn’t focus knowing that I already knew the ending! Blame it on the hedge animals. 🌳

After the agonizing two weeks of that, I read Rage in about 3 hours. I really liked that one. Did you think it was similar to Catcher in the Rye?! I thought the main character was so much like Holden Caulfield – angry to no end but also very thoughtful at the same time.

Now I’m on to Night Shift, which is actually a collection of short stories. Those are always my favorite. My favorite King book prior to this read-through was Just After Sunset 🌇, and I definitely recommend starting with that one if you’re a first time King reader. I’ve read about 1.5 stories of Night Shift, and of course I’m loving it.

I am having a great time reading these books in chronological order. I can really see King’s writing blossom as I read more and more of his work. It’s like, you read Carrie, and Carrie was great, but then you read ‘Salem’s Lot and Rage, and your whole world opens up. 🤔

Thanks for following along!


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