Fun Fact Friday – FT Job Edition

I don’t talk about this very much, but my heart is not only in health and fitness; it’s also in freight. Yep, you heard me right: freight. Pallets and forklifts and 53’ vans, oh my. Have you ever wondered why I talk like a trucker? Ha! I actually try to keep that part of me out of my blog!

I’ve worked in the trucking industry since I was 20. I started working general customer service for YRC Freight in 2013, quickly moved into Expedited Resolutions, and transferred to sales support in 2016. I now work for Old Dominion Freight Line doing a little bit of everything.

Honestly, I’ve never known anything else. I worked in fine dining for the two years I was in college, and I started working in logistics within months of being done with school. I fell into it on accident. My best friend’s mom got me the job, and I immediately loved it. I initially wanted it for the money, and that is part of why I stick with it; but I haven’t ever imagined myself doing anything else until I got into Coaching.

It’s brutal some days. There are times when I get nothing but upset customers’ calls and complaints, like this week. Then today I talked to a customer who absolutely loved working with us and loved our driver. It has its ups and downs just like any job does.

But I appreciate it. I’m very confident in my knowledge in this field, and confidence is really all you need to take on any job.


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