There’s nothing more humbling than the ocean. To think that we get to live in this world and admire all of this is amazing to me. I’m sitting ocean-side in South Carolina, looking out from my balcony on the 17th floor of the building, and you can see until the end of the world. There are no ships; no sailboats or jet ski’s; just ocean for miles, and it’s beautiful. The sky is open; the clouds are dark shadows that hover on top of the waves. There’s a group of dolphins directly in front of us, and all you see is a fin every few minutes. It’s overwhelming in the most beautiful way.

I often wake up from nightmares about the world ending. I wake up scared and drenched in sweat. I wake up with flailing arms, feeling around to verify that I’m still alive – that we’re all still here. I’m terrified of losing my home, of losing this world. I have read too many books and watched too many apocalyptic movies to be apathetic about this subject.

We’re not the first inhabitants of this earth, and we won’t be the last. There will be more, just like we were more for those that came before us. We’re not the end, but we will have an end. We’re going to evolve into something better, something more adapted to this new technical world; we’re going to evolve just like the first homo sapiens evolved. The inevitable is that there will be an end of times, just as there has always been an end of times.

We’ve been gifted the time we’ve had on Earth; and yet we’re ungrateful. We’ve torn down her forests for housing developments, dumped cement on her soil for roads, polluted her atmosphere for travel; we’ve tortured our home in order to make our lives easier.

And yet – she still works for us. She produces more forests and more soil that create more oxygen to help our rising population continue to grow. The storms clean up a mediocre amount of the damage we’ve done. She still gives us sunlight to help our energy levels, and she provides darkness in time for us to rejuvenate ourselves. She’s given us amazing sights, and wonders upon wonders. The science behind all of it is completely miraculous.

We owe Mother Earth so much. Give back.

Photo by Brian Schwager


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