It’s a slew of text messages that have hours between each one. It’s multiple “I miss you’s.” It’s restless nights. It’s waking up at 2:00 am looking for goodnight texts. It’s a constant need to be reminded that you’re important. It’s sleeping on the couch so the late night television can keep you company. It’s every sad song.

But it’s also fun. It’s bittersweet. It’s excitement to be reunited after a weekend apart. It’s a long hug in the parking lot on the hottest June day. It’s a trip to the grocery store because any activity is considered a date when he’s been gone for three days.  It’s missing each other always. It’s a long lunch together on Thursday. It’s a souvenir from every city he’s been to. It’s the realization of how much you really needed him to come into your life.

It might be hard has hell on Saturday nights, but it’s always worth it on Sunday mornings.


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