The Last Tycoon


I started this book the other day. I’m not usually one to read older literature. I’m a reader through-and-through, but I tend to lean more towards newer stuff that’s easier to understand. The English language has changed so much over the years! But, only a couple of chapters in, I’ve found myself pretty engrossed in this book.

It’s about a girl name Cecilia, whose dad is the infamous Bill Brady. That’s all I’ve got for a summary so far, but I did jot down some quotes that I appreciated.

“I always wished fervently that we looked more interesting than we did – just as I often have at premiers, when the fans look at you with scornful reproach because you’re not a star.”

“His dark eyes took me in, and I wondered what they would look like if he fell in love. They were kind, aloof and though they often reasoned with you gently, somewhat superior. It was no fault of theirs if they saw so much.”

More to come when I get farther into the story.

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